Resolving local hotel carpet’s condition during Christmas Season

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Merry Christmas!

Hanukkah Sameach!

This year Christmas and Hanukkah are just a few hours apart, so shared greetings seem in order.

The season generates such a montage of emotions….joy/reverence; anticipation/nostalgia; love/melancholy; giving/receiving; family/remoteness. We hope you share our sense of “family” for Host-related entrepreneurs around the US…and the world.

Speaking of family around the world, here’s a December highlight from Singapore’s Host Distributor Patrick & Veronica Koh…with a cleaning contracting division. Patrick writes, “Received an emergency call from a local hotel voted one of the best hotels in the world. Luxurious rooms and suites. Seems a head of state and entourage were arriving on short notice.

“The call came after 3pm Monday afternoon. They needed the rooms of an entire floor cleaned by 4:30 Wednesday afternoon. The V-VIP & party would arrive that evening. To make matters worse, every room on the floor already was occupied. So we were able to clean only 3 deluxe rooms after 1pm Tuesday, and then clean the balance of 3 deluxe rooms, 1 suite and the entire corridor after 11am on Wednesday.”

“We quoted the job just based on the phone call…and at a relatively low rate. The Executive Housekeeper was new. We wanted to showcase what Host can do, and look to securing a long term relationship.”

“The carpets appeared to be dingy gray wall to wall with residue and matted…almost ‘firm’ under foot. They had been maintained by wet and bonnet systems. We arranged 2 men with eVacs for Tuesday; and we sent 4 men with eVacs Wednesday. So the job took 6 man-days with 2 Liberators & 2 Freestyles (standard white brushes) plus 2 buckets of Regular Host.”

“The before & after pictures give you at least a hint of the conditions. Our crew supervisors, Imran and Alvin, observed, ‘ carpet color turned out to be a nice blue with scattered white accent items; and the texture was restored from a ‘flat’ feeling to a cushioning effect’. The Assistant Housekeeper remarked, ‘Very well done! My boss and the other supervisors also are impressed with the cleaning’.”

Before Cleaning
After Cleaning

J. F. Rench
Racine Industries, Inc.

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