Our Flooring Solutions

Toyo Jitsugyo specializes in marble and carpet care. Trained by certified institutions and using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and products, we provide the attentive care your premise needs.


Marble and granite are popular natural stones used in residential and commercial spaces. In homes, they can be seen tiled on floors or kitchen counter tops, while in the lobbies of offices and hotels, they are often used to welcome visitors with an air of sophistication and grandeur.

However, marble and granite are not resistant to wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas; even seemingly innocuous actions such as setting a cup on a marble slab can leave etches on it. Thankfully, these damages can be undone.

Our professional crew is trained to identify the types of stains, then deploy the latest tools to help you find the shine in your tiles again.

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Carpets provide a complementary aesthetic and comfort to places of residence and commerce. As much as the quality of carpets matter, keeping them clean is equally important for the safety of your family and co-workers.

A myriad of bacteria & viruses are tracked into homes and offices, especially when shoes are not removed. Carpets trap these microorganisms and become a hotbed of illnesses and consequently affect the indoor air quality as well.

Our professional crew is trained to operate state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly clean the carpets and returning it to use spotless and dry almost immediately.

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Whether you are a homeowner who has marble flooring or counter tops, or an estate manager overseeing the cleanliness of the building’s carpeted floors, marble tiles and carpets should be cared for and cleaned on a regular basis.

We offer attractive rates based on the frequency and intensity of the maintenance programme required after assessing the foot traffic and damages to the marble and carpet.

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For the busy professionals out there, you may not have the luxury of time to mind the domestic cleanliness of your work space, let alone household matters.

We offer competitive rates for one-time cleaning of your premises, especially if you are getting ready for special occasions, such as the festivities.

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Most of your furniture is covered in a type of fabric, be it the modern leather to the classic jacquard. Upholstered furniture can be commonly seen as seats in both residential and commercial spaces, providing comfort and a degree of sophistication.

Caring for your upholstered furniture in a commercial setting is especially important as it must be dry and back in service without causing any disruption to customers.

Our professional crew is trained to use the newest cleaning equipment and apply the latest knowledge to thoroughly clean your upholstered furniture and have them ready for use in the shortest turnaround time possible.

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Concrete is no longer the default finishing known for its dull and cheap look. Besides its resistance to scratches, polished concrete does away with waxes and coatings for a glossy finish that makes it an attractive alternative to marble and granite.

Polished concrete brings significant cost savings, lasts longer with lesser need for maintenance and is easy to clean for both residential and commercial spaces.

Our professional crew is well-trained in the multi-step polishing process and equipped with cutting edge tools to deliver the high quality sheen that many have come to expect of this rapidly popular choice of floor finishing.

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