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We conducted our very first HOST® School in Singapore on 23rd & 24th Jan. The HOST® School training and certification program provides you with all the knowledge you’ll need to get the most from your HOST® Dry Extraction Cleaning System – a total system of floor care.

Topics covered during our first HOST® School in Singapore

  • HOST/Racine Industries — more than 75 years of Floor Cleaning Innovation
  • How does the flooring, soil and cleaning systems affect your success in cleaning?
  • The HOST® System – A Total System of Floor Care
  • Carpet Spot Removal—the Myths and Realities
  • “Clean Carpet Every Day at a Reasonable Cost”
  • Hands-On Practical Flooring Cleaning Workshop
  • HOST® Equipment Maintenance and Repairs
  • Basics of Upholstery Cleaning
  • How to Sell You and Your Service Effectively


It was a fun and interactive 2 days of training where the participants had a great time learning as much as possible about the HOST® Dry Extraction Cleaning System of floor care.

Group Discussion

Hands-on Traning

Our staff and overseas participants

Explaining the cleaning solution we use

Hands-on Traning

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

All participants who complete HOST® School in Singapore will be added into our support group via Whatsapp chat where we share ideas, experiences and concerns, thus providing each other with encouragement, advice and support; or just to keep in touch.


Certificates given after the training

Video Testimonial of Bernadette Espaldon of Plan B Cleaning Services, Guam

To request more information on the HOST® School in Singapore, please contact us.

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