Concrete Polishing 101: Five Benefits of Polished Concrete

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It is used as a fundamental building material, yet too often concrete is being passed over for aesthetics precious stones such as marble and granite afford. In fact, concrete is a highly versatile option that has both residential and commercial applications.

 Whether you are a to-be homeowner pondering over which flooring to install, or a business owner considering how best to renovate your premises, start with these five benefits of polished concrete:

Healthier spaces to inhabit

Unpolished concrete suffers from dusting, also known as chalking, caused by wear and tear from sweeping the floor with a broom to foot traffic. On the other hand, polished concrete reduces the health risks posed from inhaling these fine particulates.

Enhanced ambient lighting

Depending on the level of finish, polished concrete possesses reflective properties that improve indoor lighting conditions, allowing you to reduce the dependency on artificial lighting and consequently, your energy footprint, while maximising natural lighting.

Easy to maintain

Once properly installed, polished concrete becomes a dense surface that is impermeable to contaminants such as water and grease from penetrating the surface, making it last for many years with minimal upkeep, rendering waxing or stripping unnecessary.

Friendly to our environment

When concrete is polished slab on grade instead of laying tiles, few raw materials are consumed, if at all. Polished concrete is also free of volatile organic compounds, providing cleaner air for everyone to breathe in.

Long-term savings

Most importantly, because concrete is readily available and incredibly durable, you save significant amounts of time and money on maintenance.

 At Toyo Jitsugyo, we offer professional concrete polishing services that bring you the above benefits and more, on top of our cleaning services. Contact us today to learn more.

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