Carpet 101: Know the Personalities Lurking Beneath

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We have previously learnt how to distinguish the difference between spots and stains, discolouration that are visible to the eye. But do you know what lurks beneath the fibres, invisible bacteria and viruses that can potentially cause harm to us and our loved ones?

Here are three key personalities that you should get acquainted with:


Occurring in places with high prevalence of dust, Norovirus causes stomach flu and other digestive problems. It can survive within carpet fibres between four to six weeks and become airborne each time someone walks on the carpet.


Commonly believed to be a food-borne illness, Salmonella is a bacteria that causes diarrhoea and fever. It is especially dangerous for families with young children and elderly staying under the same roof.

Fungi and mould
If you smell a musty odour and suffer from a higher incidence of allergies, then fungi and mould are present in or under your carpet. Cool and damp conditions, such as spillage or air conditioning, encourage growth.

The key to preventing a hotbed of bacteria and viruses from building up is regular maintenance of your carpets. For the busy professional who may not have time to vacuum the carpet on a weekly basis, you can count on Toyo Jitsugyo to provide the best care for your precious carpets.


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